AMD Epyc 7282

CPU Cores and Base Frequency

Frequency: 2.80 GHz CPU Cores: 16
Turbo (1 Core): 3.20 GHz Turbo (16 Cores): 3.00 GHz
Hyperthreading: Yes Overclocking: No

Internal Graphics

GPU name:    
GPU frequency: GPU (Turbo): No turbo
Generation: DirectX Version:
Execution units: Max. displays: 0

Hardware codec support

h264: No JPEG: No
h265 8bit: No h265 10bit: No
VP8: No VP9: No
VC-1: No AVC: No

Memory & PCIe

Memory type: DDR4-3200 Memory channels: 8
ECC: Yes
PCIe version: 4.0 PCIe lanes: 128



Technical details

Socket: SP3 TDP: 120W
L3-Cache: 64 MB Virtualization: AMD-V, SEV
Architecture: Rome (Zen 2) Technology: 7 nm
Release date: Q3/2019 Market price: ca. 1200 $

Devices using this processor

Used in: Unknown

Cinebench R20 (Single-Core)

Cinebench R20 is the successor of Cinebench R15 and is also based on the Cinema 4 Suite. Cinema 4 is a worldwide used software to create 3D forms. The single-core test only uses one CPU core, the amount of cores or hyperthreading ability doesn't count.

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AMD Epyc 7282AMD Epyc 7282
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