Broadcom VideoCore VI

Technical details

Generation: 6 DirectX Version:
Execution units: 4 Shader: 64
Max. Memory: 2 GB Max. displays: 2
Release date: 06/2019 Architecture: 28 nm

Hardware codec support

h264: Decode / Encode
AV1: No
h265 / HEVC (8 bit): Decode
h265 / HEVC (10 bit): Decode
VP8: Decode
VP9: Decode
VC-1: Decode
AVC: Decode
JPEG: Decode / Encode

GPU frequencies

GPU frequency GPU (Turbo) FP16 (Half Precision) FP32 (Single Precision) FP64 (Double Precision)
0.50 GHz -- 64 GFLOPS 32 GFLOPS 8 GFLOPS

Used in the following processors

Prozessor GPU frequency GPU (Turbo) FP32 (Single Precision)
Raspberry Pi 4 B (Broadcom BCM2711) Raspberry Pi 4 B (Broadcom BCM2711)
4x 1.50 GHz
0.50 GHz -- 32 GFLOPS

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