AMD G-T24L Benchmark, Test and specs

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The AMD G-T24L has 1 cores with 1 threads and is based on the 1. gen of the AMD G series. The processor was released in Q1/2011.

CPU lineage

The segment in which we have classified the AMD G-T24L. Here you can see if it is a desktop processor or a mobile processor or which processor may be the successor of the AMD G-T24L.

Name: AMD G-T24L
Family: AMD G
CPU group: AMD G
Architecture: Ontario (Bobcat)
Segment: Mobile
Generation: 1
Predecessor: --
Successor: --

CPU Cores and Base Frequency

The AMD G-T24L has 1 CPU cores and can calculate 1 threads in parallel. The clock frequency of the AMD G-T24L is 1.00 GHz. The number of CPU cores greatly affects the speed of the processor and is an important performance indicator.

CPU Cores / Threads: 1 / 1
Core architecture: normal
Cores: 1x
Hyperthreading / SMT: No
Overclocking: No
Frequency: 1.00 GHz
Turbo Frequency (1 Core): --
Turbo Frequency (1 Cores): --

Memory & PCIe

The processor can use up to memory in 1 (Single Channel) memory channels. The maximum memory bandwidth is --. The memory type as well as the amount of memory can greatly affect the speed of the system.

Memory type: Memory bandwidth:
Max. Memory:
Memory channels: 1 (Single Channel)
PCIe Bandwidth: --

Thermal Management

The thermal design power (TDP for short) of the processor is 5 W. The TDP specifies the necessary cooling solution that is required to cool the processor sufficiently. The TDP usually gives a rough idea of the actual power consumption of the CPU.

TDP (PL1 / PBP): 5 W
TDP (PL2): --
TDP up: --
TDP down: --
Tjunction max.: --

Technical details

The AMD G-T24L is made in 40 nm. The smaller the manufacturing process of a CPU, the more modern and energy-efficient it is. Overall, the processor has 1.00 MB cache. A large cache can greatly speed up the processor's speed in some cases such as games.

Technology: 40 nm
Chip design:
Socket: --
L2-Cache: --
L3-Cache: 1.00 MB
Operating systems:
Virtualization: AMD-V
Instruction set (ISA): x86-64 (64 bit)
ISA extensions: SSE3, SSE4a
Release date: Q1/2011
Release price: --
Part Number: --
Documents: --

Benchmark results

Verified Benchmark results
The benchmark results for the AMD G-T24L have been carefully checked by us. We only publish benchmark results that have been created by us or that have been submitted by a visitor and then checked by a team member. All results are based on and fullfill our benchmark guidelines.


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